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OCTB and MUIC Kansai Launch “Tech Tours Kansai” for Custom-tailored Industrial Incentive Trips ahead of Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai

OSAKA, Japan

Anticipating opportunities presented by Expo 2025 running from April to October 2025, the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau (OCTB) has partnered with Kansai Innovation Center (MUIC Kansai) to launch "Tech Tours Kansai," an innovative new platform to develop custom-tailored industrial tours. Ahead of the event, the Kansai region is rapidly gaining attention from government officials and corporate incentive groups around the world looking to explore Kansai's opportunities in industrial tourism.

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Tech Tours Kansai handles a wide range of the Kansai region's prominent industries, including gastronomy, traditional craftwork, manufacturing, next-generation energy development and more. More than just industrial site visits, tours include visits to significant cultural properties, unique culinary experiences, first-hand experiences with traditional crafts, and more comprehensive offerings across the Kansai region.

-Tech Tours Kansai is a team of travel experts who, while collaborating with financial institutions, coordinates custom-tailored tours that accommodate any group's needs and requests.

-Tech Tours Kansai also assists in developing new business opportunities in Japan in expert matchmaking, expanding business markets, connecting with new investments, and more, all while collaborating with financial institutions.

-Tech Tours Kansai is a one-stop service that manages each step of the travel itinerary, from pre-planning to travel follow-up. More than just coordination with Expo 2025 site visits and other tours, the Tech Tours Kansai team provides support for all travel needs, including accommodations, transportation, and dietary requests as well as coordinating special excursions and spousal programs.

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Expo 2025 is the world's next biggest event. Bringing business innovation and major recovery for the tourism industry, it will be Japan's first major post-COVID international event, offering an unprecedented opportunity to showcase Osaka and the Kansai region as a premier meeting and event destination. Tech Tours Kansai emphasizes custom-tailored assistance, and support for bespoke industrial and incentive tours on this platform will continue even after the conclusion of Expo 2025.

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Tech Tours Kansai participating organizations:
Kansai Innovation Center (MUIC Kansai)
Nippon Travel Agency
Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Ltd.
Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

Source: Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau, Kansai Innovation Center (MUIC Kansai)