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Okuma to Offer Full Lineup of “Green-Smart Machine” Products Suited for Decarbonized Society


Okuma Corporation is set to offer a full lineup of “Green-Smart Machine” products defined as intelligent machine tools that contribute to resolving environmental issues by autonomously achieving both stable dimensional accuracy and reduced energy usage.

Image1: “Green-Smart Machine” emblem

Image2: “Green-Smart Machine” for realizing decarbonized society

About “Green-Smart Machine”
1. Clearly identifying the machine as a smart machine suited for a decarbonized society (machine with emblem)
The emblem will be attached to machines in future orders for domestic shipments from April 2023.

2. Maturity model of machine tools for decarbonization
The “Green-Smart Machine” eliminates operator intervention required to maintain high accuracy and reduce energy usage, and achieves Level 4 of the maturity models, “autonomous energy reduction with accuracy stability,” where the machine autonomously controls the equipment.

3. “Green-Smart Machine” manufactured at carbon-neutral factories
Carbon neutrality has already been achieved for the machines at the company’s three domestic factories, which are the main production factories, ahead of schedule from October 2022. These automated and smart factories have been proven to reduce energy usage and produce products with high accuracy and high efficiency.

Image3: Maturity model of machine tools for decarbonization

Unique technologies to realize “Green-Smart Machine”:
1. Autonomously maintaining a stable, high level of accuracy
AI-based innovative Intelligent Technology, “Thermo-Friendly Concept,” that combines both machine design technology and control technology and that matches the human senses has been incorporated into more and more machines since its launch in 2001. This technology, now standard on 125 models, has a proven track record in production for customers around the world with a total of over 60,000 units produced in 20 years.

2. Energy-saving system “ECO suite plus” for decarbonized society
An autonomous energy-saving function, “ECO suite plus,” is incorporated as standard in Okuma’s “OSP” series of NC units. It enables data analysis based on machine-operating information and equipment-specific operating information, supporting the recording of CO2 emissions for traceability. Including its predecessor “ECO suite,” more than 42,000 units have been delivered since its launch in 2014, reducing factory energy usage worldwide.

3. New operation control technology for spindle-cooling systems
The cooling system, which has been constantly operating because of the heat generated by the spindle during machining, is stopped based on optimization of cooling system operation needed by the machine, even during the machining process. Demonstration tests on energy usage reduction, including during machining, were conducted on a sample workpiece simulating a stainless steel valve, and the effectiveness of the cooling system was confirmed by a 68% reduction in energy usage.

Image4: Reduction of power usage by “Green-Smart Machine”

Image5: Application of “Thermo-Friendly Concept”

Image6: Example of reduction effects by Level 5 new operation control technology in cooling systems

Source: Okuma Corporation