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Oricon, One of Japan’s Largest Research Companies, Announces Customer Satisfaction Rankings of Internet Banking Services in Vietnam


Oricon Inc. (hereinafter “Oricon”), a Tokyo-based company operating research business in Japan, announced the rankings of Internet banking services in Vietnam on March 8, 2023, based on Oricon’s first customer satisfaction survey outside of Japan. The research was performed using a sample of 1,066 men and women in Vietnam who logged into an Internet banking service more than once a month. For the all-around rankings, companies had to meet the required number of respondents for the analysis, with the top 7 companies being ranked.

2023 ORICON Customer Satisfaction Survey: Vietnamese Internet Banking (1,066 respondents)
All-around Rankings:

Rankings by Category:

Ranking Summary
– Vietcombank (Ngan hang TMCP Ngoai Thuong Viet Nam) was ranked No. 1 in the all-around category.
Ranked No. 1 in 3 categories: Usability of Website and Apps, Subsidiary and Collaborative Services, and System Stability
– MB (Ngan hang TMCP Quan Doi) was ranked No. 2.
Ranked No. 1 in 2 categories: Procedures and Fees
– Vietinbank (Ngan hang TMCP Cong Thuong Viet Nam) was ranked No. 3.
Ranked No. 1 in 2 categories: Campaign and Accessibility

Research Outline: 2023 ORICON Customer Satisfaction Survey on Vietnamese Internet Banking Services
– Date of announcement: March 8, 2023
– Research company: oricon ME Inc.
– Research method: Internet survey
– Sample size: 1,066 people
– Required number of participants: 50 or more
– Number of companies surveyed: 15
– Parameters: Internet banking services must include checking the balance, inquiries about deposits and withdrawals, and account transfer, and be provided by a major bank accredited by the State Bank of Vietnam.
– Research period: November 9-16, 2022
– Research target: Gender: not specified; Age: 18-49; Geographical area: nationwide
– Requirement: People who log in to an Internet banking service more than once a month.
– URL:

What is the ORICON Customer Satisfaction Survey?
In 2006, the Oricon Group launched the customer satisfaction (CS) research business using only actual users of the services concerned and has provided CS data of various industries and services. Oricon’s research is not commissioned by specific companies or individuals but is planned and conducted independently by Oricon with a fair third-party perspective. The latest rankings list over 192 industries in which companies received a “truly satisfying” reply from a total of 3.32 million respondents. Those lists are publicly available. (*As of March 2023)

The ORICON Customer Satisfaction Survey turns customer satisfaction into information: (Japanese)

About Oricon Inc.
With the business philosophy of “Turning Facts into Intelligence,” the Oricon Group has earned the trust of society by widely providing information based on facts from an objective and fair standpoint. Oricon has been conducting research business in Japan for more than 50 years, and “Oricon Rankings” is the most publicly well-known ranking service in Japan across many generations and regions. In recent years, the company made strategic investments not only in Japan but also in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam.

Future Development
Based on the experience and feedback acquired from this first overseas customer satisfaction survey in Vietnam, Oricon will explore possibilities such as expanding the scope of research and deploying its ranking service in other countries. Under the management philosophy of “Turning Facts into Intelligence,” Oricon strives to win international recognition and increase its brand value by providing reliable and accurate information. Oricon will continue to contribute to the international community.

Company Profile
Name: Oricon Inc.
Address: 3F STEP Roppongi, 6-8-10 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
President: Koh Koike
Description of businesses: Customer satisfaction (CS) research business, news distribution & PV (page view) business, data-providing business, and mobile business
Capital: 1,092.45 million yen
Established: October 1, 1999
Official website:

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Source: Oricon Inc.