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Sakata Seed Corporation Launches Dedicated Broccoli Website in English & Hindi for Supporting Healthy Life


– Packed with Information such as Nutritional Values, Health Benefits, Recipes, and More –

Sakata Seed Corporation has opened “Broccoli Lovers” ( ), a new website featuring comprehensive information in both English and Hindi about broccoli, such as nutritional values and health benefits, recipes and serving suggestions, and more.

Broccoli Lovers’ Logo:


Broccoli Lovers is packed with all kinds of interesting and beneficial information, such as the origins of broccoli, broccoli’s positive physical health effects, and how to keep broccoli fresh.

Health consciousness is currently rising throughout the world. As this trend gains momentum, broccoli is one of the vegetables getting the most attention. The aim of the new website is to help everyone, regardless of how familiar they are with broccoli, learn about delicious ways to eat broccoli, and make it a part of their healthy diet.

Broccoli Lovers contains tips and hints for cooking as well as recommended recipes, typical nutritional values and effects, the anticancer effects and other properties of the sulforaphane compound that broccoli is rich in.

The Broccoli Lovers website is operated by Sakata Seed Corporation. The SAKATA Group has been involved in broccoli breeding for many years, and 65% of the world’s broccoli comes from seeds supplied by the SAKATA Group. As the global market leader of broccoli seeds, the Group is convinced that broccoli holds the potential to improve people’s health and enrich their lives. It hopes that everyone will be able to enjoy fuller and healthier dietary lifestyles through this website.

Source: Sakata Seed Corporation