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SAMURAI VS NINJA, REMOW and Nihon Eiga Broadcasting Jointly Established, Launching Subscription Service of Samurai and Ninja Movies on April 1, 2023, across 40 Countries


– World’s Earliest Streaming of Movie “BAIAN The Assassin, M.D.” and YouTube Live Streaming Also Confirmed –

REMOW Co., Ltd., a global distributor of Japanese entertainment, and Nihon Eiga Broadcasting Corporation, which operates Japan’s leading pay television period drama channel, have jointly established “SAMURAI VS NINJA,” a brand specializing in samurai and ninja content. Following the start of YouTube channel in August, 2022, they will launch a subscription service on April 1, 2023, in 40 countries around the world.




The subscription service will offer about 337 movies and period dramas featuring the samurai and ninja content. The number of movies available will increase daily, including exclusive titles that are not available on its YouTube channel. This includes “BAIAN The Assassin, M.D.,” a new period drama film that was just released in Japan on February 3, 2023. To celebrate the launch of the service, it has been decided to host an early streaming premiere worldwide.

In addition, in order to take the opportunity of the charm of this “BAIAN The Assassin, M.D.” to let people overseas experience the splendor of period dramas, the “SAMURAI VS NINJA” will also be holding a one-time YouTube live “Watch Party” and “After Cinema Talk” with leading international creators on the YouTube channels of “SAMURAI VS NINJA” ( ) and Ms. Takahashi ( ).
*Creators and content are subject to change without notice.

The YouTube live “Watch Party” will be hosted by Ms. Takahashi and feature other YouTube creators such as Ryan Higa and Wengie to watch “BAIAN The Assassin, M.D.” and chat with the audience. The streaming of the movie will be done through the official YouTube channel of “SAMURAI VS NINJA” as well as through the channel of Ms. Takahashi. After watching the film, viewers can enjoy a live “After Cinema Talk” between the featured creators. This will only be available on the official “SAMURAI VS NINJA” YouTube channel.

From Japan to the rest of the world, the service will continue to deliver to fans the charm of samurai and ninja and their period dramas, and would therefore like to ask for their continued support and viewing of the programs.

What is the “SAMURAI VS NINJA” subscription service?
– Service details:
For a monthly fee (which varies by country), this subscription service allows users to enjoy unlimited access to authentic movies, dramas, and other period dramas from Japan, the birthplace of samurai and ninja. Movies are updated daily and available in English and Spanish with subtitles. Many of the films are exclusive to the subscription service.

– Website:
*The service link will be available from April 1 onward by following the guidance in the transition area on the website.

– Official social media accounts:

– Main titles:
Zatoichi Series, Zankuro Series, Abarenbo Shogun Series, 13 Assassins, Miyamoto Musashi, etc.

– Countries where the service is availabile at launch:
United States of America, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, and Philippines
(40 countries in total)
*The number of countries covered by the service will be expanded gradually.
*Countries covered by the service are subject to change.

What is “BAIAN The Assassin, M.D.”?
Popular writer Shotaro Ikenami’s historical novel series of the same title, on which the film “BAIAN The Assassin, M.D.” is based, is a blockbuster bestseller with a total of over 6 million copies in print and has been made into a timeless entertainment film many times in Japan. The main character, Baian Fujieda, is a dark hero who has two faces: one as a skilled acupuncturist who saves lives, and the other as a criminal who buries evil that cannot be kept alive for the sake of others. Many famous actors have played the role of Baian, including Ken Watanabe. The year 2023 marks the 100th anniversary of Shotaro Ikenami’s birth. In the anniversary year of 2023, a new “BAIAN The Assassin, M.D.” is born.

– Cast: Etsushi Toyokawa, Ainosuke Kataoka VI, Miho Kanno, Ryo Ono, Atsuko Takahata, Kaoru Kobayashi, Taichi Saotome, Toshiro Yanagiba, Yuki Amami
– Based on: Shotaro Ikenami, “Shikakenin, Fujieda Baian” (published by Kodansha Bunko)
– Director: Shunsaku Kawake

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