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Sea Vegetable Company Unlocks Previously Unknown Applications of Seaweed as Food Ingredient with Its “Re-seaweed” Brand

AKI, Kochi, Japan

Sea Vegetable Company (hereinafter “Sea Vegetable”), a startup company culturing seaweed in Aki, Kochi Prefecture, Japan, has announced the launch of “Re-seaweed” brand and said it will release its product “Aonori Shoyu” (seaweed sauce) on March 20 simultaneously in Japan and overseas.

Re-seaweed is the brand name of a totally new taste experience developed by Sea Vegetable, using seaweed as the key ingredient. The initial product lineup includes seaweed kombucha, a non-alcoholic beverage, and fermented seaweed seasonings.

New brand Re-seaweed:

Why Re-seaweed?
Seaweed is best known in just two forms: nori and kombu (sea kelp). And yet, there are thought to be up to 20,000 different species of seaweed in the world’s oceans. For a long time, knowledge of the edible potential of seaweed has been lacking.

Sea Vegetable’s aim is to deliver delicious, fun, and original products by combining an ingredient, seaweed, and a technique, fermentation, each of which has a proud place in Japanese food culture. It believes eating tasty seaweed helps to “enrich the marine ecosystem.”

Seaweed Kombucha

Sea Vegetable has succeeded in crossing seaweed and fermentation to create seaweed kombucha, a drink with a refreshing, fruity taste. The product is now being offered at selected locations in Japan. Star chefs who have tried it say: “I can’t imagine it’s made from seaweed”; “I’d like to pair it with various dishes.”

Aonori Shoyu

Fermented seaweed seasonings as new frontiers for Re-seaweed are another product line for sale. The first offering is a soy-free, gluten-free sauce called Aonori Shoyu. Seaweed again shows off its attractions as a food material.

The development of Aonori Shoyu was led by Shui Ishizaka, a chef who has uncovered taste profiles of seaweed in Sea Vegetable’s test kitchen:

Pre-orders for Aonori Shoyu will be available from Monday, March 20, 2023.

About Sea Vegetable Company
Seaweed is in drastic decline in the marine ecosystem. Sea Vegetable aims to arrest that decline while working alongside chefs in Japan and abroad to build a new appreciation of seaweed as a food component.


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Source: Sea Vegetable Company

Source: Sea Vegetable Company