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Seeding Future: Hayashibara’s 25th Trehalose Symposium Highlights Breakthroughs in Sustainable Agriculture and Beyond


Hayashibara Co., Ltd., a member of Nagase Group and headquartered in Okayama City, western Japan, successfully conducted the "25th Trehalose Symposium," an annual interdisciplinary event since 1997, on November 2, 2023, in Tokyo.


Under the theme of "Trehalose Leading a Sustainable Future," the symposium featured various research outcomes. These included promising treatments using three-dimensional cultures and dermal sheets from fibroblasts processed with highly concentrated trehalose, the design of stem cell preservation solutions, and the applications in hair care products and livestock feed. The chemistry and biological functions of trehalose-based compounds were also presented. Particularly noteworthy was Dr. Benedetto Marelli's presentation, "Trehalose-based Seed Coating to Boost Agriculture in Marginal Lands." Dr. Marelli, an Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), highlighted how the formulation, incorporating trehalose and silk protein, leads to innovation in enhancing sustainable agriculture and food systems. The presented study confirmed that this seed-coating technology significantly improves seed germination, even in lands traditionally unsuitable for farming due to high-stress conditions. This breakthrough not only addresses the challenges brought on by climate change but also showcases trehalose's role in increasing crop yields, enhancing quality, and promoting the development of a beneficial rhizosphere.

The company will transition its name from "Hayashibara" to "Nagase Viita" in April 2024, marking the 140th year since its establishment. This rebranding reflects its unwavering commitment to building a sustainable society and dedication to continuing the tradition of hosting this symposium into the future.

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About the Trehalose Symposium
Founded in 1997, the Trehalose Symposium has been promoting research and development activities for trehalose while assisting researchers in publicizing their discoveries. For the last 25 years, 193 researchers with multi-disciplinary scientific backgrounds have presented the properties of trehalose and its functionalities.

About Trehalose
Trehalose is a naturally occurring disaccharide long known for its biochemical effect on protecting cells and tissues under dry conditions. Studies have revealed that trehalose's physicochemical properties, such as water binding and vitrification, are behind the protective functionality. The development of applied research empowered the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries to utilize trehalose in their commercial products.

Source: Hayashibara Co., Ltd.