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Shedding Light on Japanese Entrepreneurs and Reconstruction Stories about Great East Japan Earthquake: Government of Japan’s Official E-magazine, “KIZUNA”


The latest issue of the Government of Japan’s official e-magazine, “KIZUNA,” features a young Japanese social entrepreneur and an AI-powered manga translation engine developed by a startup as well as a port town’s quick recovery from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake thanks to sustainable fishing and a new form of folk craft after the earthquake to reinvigorate the industry.



– Breaking the Homelessness Cycle with Bike Sharing
A young Japanese social entrepreneur who launched an NPO in her teens reflects on how to find novel solutions for social issues.

– The AI-Powered Manga Translation Service Sharing Beloved Titles with the World
Graduates from the University of Tokyo have developed an AI-powered manga translation system to send more titles out into the world.

– The Unknown Strong and Waste-Free Fishing Industry of Iwate
The secret of the sustainable fishing industry of Miyako, an Iwate Prefecture city that recovered from the Great East Japan Earthquake with exceptional speed, has been unveiled.

– Ukrainian Evacuee and Tsunami-Hit City Share Bond of Empathy
A Ukrainian evacuee who arrived in Miyagi Prefecture speaks about peace at a school devastated by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake.

About “KIZUNA”
Kizuna means the enduring bonds between people — close relationships forged through mutual trust and support. The kizuna cultivated among countries of the world have the power to deepen cooperation for a better future. By reporting on a wide variety of topics concerning Japan, “KIZUNA” hopes that this publication will provide opportunities for Japan and the rest of the world to connect and build strong kizuna.

Source: Cabinet Public Affairs Office, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of Japan

Source: Cabinet Public Affairs Office, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of Japan