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Takenaka Sets up COT-Lab Singapore as Its Cocreation Base in Southeast Asia

OSAKA, Japan

– Accelerating Development of Technologies Such as Carbon Neutrality and Digital Transformation through Global Cooperation –

Takenaka Corporation (President: Masato Sasaki) has established a cocreation base COT-Lab Singapore. In this Southeast Asian business hub, where social implementation is notably progressing in the fields of carbon neutrality and digital transformation (DX), Takenaka will accelerate technological development in collaboration with global cocreation partners.


Image: Coworking Space (One&Co)

COT-Lab Singapore
COT-Lab Singapore is based primarily in Takenaka Corporation’s Singapore Office in Changi Business Park near Changi International Airport. In addition, a satellite office has been set up as a cocreation base within the coworking space One&Co in the Tanjong Pagar district. These bases are linked with Takenaka’s cocreation bases in Japan to promote innovation activities.

COT-Lab Singapore aims to accelerate technological development and enhance its technological presence in Southeast Asia by promoting technology development and demonstration through industry-government-academia collaboration in fields such as carbon neutrality and digital transformation, and by developing approaches for social implementation.

Takenaka Corporation’s official website:

Source: Takenaka Corporation

Source: Takenaka Corporation