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Trailer Home Resort “Moving Inn Tokachi Kitanomori” Opens in Hokkaido, Japan


Moving Inn, Inc. opened "Moving Inn Tokachi Kitanomori (Forest-of-the-North in English)" on April 28, 2023, in Hokkaido, Japan, which is fast becoming a destination spot for international travelers. Moving Inn Tokachi Kitanomori delivers luxurious accommodations in breathtaking natural surroundings at four secluded spots within more than 16 acres of virgin forest. Moving Inn provides a unique travel and camping experience that allows guests to enjoy the natural beauty of the forest and waterways while staying in a cozy trailer home.


Moving Inn website:

The individual lodging sites are isolated within the premises, and guests can choose between two styles: the "Grand Suite" sites, "NAGAME" and "AWASE," and the "Nature Suite" sites, "KODACHI" and "HOTORI." One of the appeals of Moving Inn Tokachi Kitanomori is that each site is more than 218 yards apart. So the sites are very private.

Guests can rent a high-class camper such as a Hiace or Land Cruiser that has been customized by Moving Inn for camping. It can be used as lodging, or guests can drive their vans to their site. All sites have an enclosed wood-fired sauna and open-air baths. Creative cuisine made from local wild ingredients and supervised by Kan Morieda, a well-known Tokyo-based chef from Hokkaido, is available. Other outdoor activities include outdoor saunas and riverside relaxation.

"Grand Suite" sites
Each "Grand Suite" consists of a guest room trailer and a dining trailer, both fully equipped with hotel-like accommodations. "NAGAME" is designed by Shiro Miura, who focuses on traditional Japanese architectural styles, on the concept such as "Return to the primitive way of living" as seen in the traditional Japanese tatami (floor mat) culture. The living space is designed to promote stress-free simplicity. Many choose to relax on the tatami mat under the canopy of trees while still enjoying the comfort of home. Each "Grand Suite" commands beautiful views that bring guests closer to the nature of Hokkaido.

About Shiro Miura:

Details of "NAGAME" and "AWASE":

"Nature Suite" sites
The "Nature Suite" is designed to be used with a campervan that connects to the on-site deck. This deck is equipped with a shower, toilet, wood-burning sauna, open-air bath, outdoor kitchen, and fireplace. Guests can choose to stay in a tent at this site.

Details of "KODACHI" and "HOTORI":

Optional meals
Enjoy delicious meals using wild local ingredients from Hokkaido, especially Tokachi, while relaxing under the shade trees. They serve appetizers, main dishes, and desserts from their dedicated chef and serving staff. There are a total of 5 to 6 courses when people choose the dining trailer hearth.

About Moving Inn
A "luxury trip" does not mean consuming expensive things in lavish buildings, but rather the simplicity that is found when people are surrounded by beautiful, serene natural settings that change with the seasons. The movement of the river or the flutter of leaves is soothing to the soul. The Moving Inn (hotel) concept brings together the best moments in the best places and delivers the best experiences.

Its comfortable accommodations allow guests to coexist with the wildlife and flora of Hokkaido's pristine wilderness. Moving Inn delivers a unique experience that may only be one step on a journey towards inner well-being.

Name: Moving Inn Tokachi Kitanomori
Address: 44-5 Kochien, Taiki-cho, Hiroo-gun, Hokkaido
Access: About 60 minutes by car from Obihiro Airport
Site area: About 66,115 m2 (16 acres)

Source: Moving Inn, Inc.

Source: Moving Inn, Inc.