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“WASHOKU GO” Website Launched for Overseas Online Purchases of Japanese Specialty Food

OSAKA, Japan

An online business negotiation platform “WASHOKU GO” has been launched by a group of specially selected companies manufacturing traditional Japanese specialty food in Osaka, western Japan. The platform is for overseas professionals and buyers to cope with the global coronavirus crisis.


The platform is intended for professionals/buyers who are interested in Japanese cuisine all over the world, and is launched by WADAMAN and four other preeminent food companies (Akanemaru, Oguraya, Osaka GYOKUROEN, and Ujien) that represent Japan. It enables negotiations via live chatting, can provide samples, and allows visitors to learn Japanese cuisine and culture easily despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The inaugural members aim to have 100 Japanese food manufacturers participate in the project.

Background to WASHOKU GO
WADAMAN, a sesame manufacturer with 139-year history in Osaka, is a pioneer in the Japanese food export business, winning the Export Excellence Award of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in 2020. It has joined forces with four other time-honored food manufacturers based in Osaka for the project (Akanemaru, Oguraya, Osaka GYOKUROEN, and Ujien) aspiring to promote food exports. The coronavirus disaster has decreased overseas negotiation and exhibition opportunities to almost nil. To break the deadlock, the group has decided to launch its own platform to contact potential overseas customers.

Introduced below are products available and brief profiles of the original five-member companies participating in the WASHOKU GO project.


-WADAMAN Co., Ltd.:

A sesame manufacturer founded in 1883. Manufacturing sesame seeds with strong aroma using an advanced roasting technique. Acquired organic certification (*1) and halal certification (*2).

(*1) WADAMAN received an Organic Processed Food Processor Certificate in 2002, and it has maintained the requirements of JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards) since then.

(*2) Certificate of Halal Authentication was issued in 2018, and renewed in 2021 by Nippon Asia Halal Association.

-Oguraya Co., Ltd.:

Established in 1848. Specialized in “kombu” (kelp). Selling natural kelp for “dashi” (soup stock), salted kelp, tangle flakes of kelp, shredded kelp, “battera” kelp, etc. Natural kombu for dashi strictly selected. Exporting many products to Asia and the EU.

-Osaka GYOKUROEN Co., Ltd.:

Started selling “kombucha” (kelp tea) in 1918. Original manufacturer of instant “kombucha” drink. Exporting large number of green tea products (sweetened).

-Ujien Co., Ltd.:

Since its founding in “Kyoto Yamashiro,” the company has built up knowledge and experiences, “single-minded commitment to tea.” Tea shop located in Osaka’s Shinsaibashi commercial district loved by people all over the world.

-Akanemaru Co., Ltd.:

“An” (sweet bean paste) and “dorayaki” manufacturer established in 1940. Exporting to mooncake manufacturers in Greater China such as Hong Kong and Singapore and confectionary manufacturers in the EU.

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Source: WASHOKU GO Office