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World Oceans Day: Japanese Aquarium “Yokohama Hakkeijima” Creates Snow Globes Using “Microplastic Flakes” to Raise Issue of Ocean Plastic Pollution -Microplastic Globe-


Yokohama Hakkeijima Inc. has created a series of snow globes -“Microplastic Globe”- using plastic waste collected from the ocean as flakes. These snow globes are currently exhibited at the “Imagine the Future Ocean with Art” exhibition in Tokyo until July 18 to raise awareness of ocean plastic pollution.




The problem of plastic waste is growing rapidly on a global scale. Millions of tons of plastic waste generated annually by industrial activities end up in the ocean, where they have a negative impact on the marine ecosystem. Yokohama Hakkeijima created the Microplastic Globe to bring attention to this serious issue.


About Microplastic Globe — Snow Globe of Future Sea
The flakes dancing inside the globes are made of plastic waste actually collected from the ocean, and can be viewed along with designs of five creatures that have already been reported to be affected by marine plastic debris.


After the product has served its purpose of raising awareness of the microplastic problem, they will be disposed appropriately under the supervision of experts.


Plastic waste is affecting the marine ecosystem in various ways. For example, regarding clownfish, one of the motifs of the Microplastic Globe, it has been reported that their habitat sea anemones are bleached because of microplastics in the ocean(*), suggesting a relationship with the global decline of clownfish. The Microplastic Globe was created to encourage people to think about what they can do to address this issue.

(*) A. Macali, A. Semenov, V. Venuti, V. Crupi, F. D’Amico, B. Rossi, I. Corsi & E. Bergami. “Episodic records of jellyfish ingestion of plastic items reveal a novel pathway for trophic transference of marine litter.” Scientific Reports (2018).

About “Imagine the Future Ocean with Art” Exhibition
Sponsor: Yokohama Hakkeijima Inc.
Period: May 31, 2022 (Tuesday) – July 18, 2022 (Monday, holiday), 11:00-18:00
Closed on Mondays, and if Monday is a holiday, the next business day will be closed.
Venue: ITOCHU SDGs STUDIO (Itochu Garden B1F, 2-3-1 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Admission: Free

*For more information, please visit the official website:

Source: Yokohama Hakkeijima Inc.

Source: Yokohama Hakkeijima Inc.