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Tuesday, May 10 2022 - 15:00
OMRON Healthcare Unveils Long-term Corporate Vision, "Going for ZERO, Preventive Care for Health of Society"
KYOTO, Japan, May 10, 2022 /Kyodo JBN-AsiaNet/ --

- Aiming to Realize 3 Zeros: "Zero Cerebrovascular and Cardiovascular Events," 
"Zero Aggravation of Respiratory Diseases" and "Zero Restrictions on Daily 
Activities Due to Chronic Pain" -

In March 2022, OMRON Group announced a new long-term vision, "Shaping the 
Future 2030" (hereafter referred to as SF2030). In its commitment to achieving 
this vision for the healthcare business domain, OMRON Healthcare Co., Ltd. 
(hereinafter referred to as the Company), based in Muko City, Kyoto Prefecture, 
has established a long-term vision, "Going for ZERO, Preventive Care for the 
Health of Society" and promises to develop new devices and services to meet the 
expectations of consumers, healthcare professionals and society at large. 


- Overview of the new long-term vision, "Going for ZERO, Preventive Care for 
the Health of Society"
By leveraging the sensing technologies and valuable insights developed in 
medical fields up to now, the Company will be focusing on the development of 
solutions for: cardiovascular diseases which have been leading causes of death 
worldwide; respiratory diseases, since the number of people suffering from them 
is growing particularly in emerging economies; and pain management that causes 
significant impact on people's daily lives. Focus and commitment to these 
efforts will allow the Company to realize the long-term vision. 

1. Cardiovascular business: Zero cerebrovascular and cardiovascular events
An estimated one billion people worldwide have hypertension. Hypertension may 
cause cerebro-cardiovascular diseases (events) such as strokes and heart 
failure while symptoms go unnoticed. Since the release of the first blood 
pressure monitor in 1973, the Company has always been focusing on developing 
easy-to-use and accurate blood pressure monitors as well as conducting 
educational activities for promoting blood pressure monitoring at home. The 
cumulative global sales of OMRON blood pressure monitors exceeded 300 million 
units in 2021. While home blood pressure monitoring continues to become more 
popular worldwide, deaths resulting from cerebrovascular and cardiovascular 
events and individuals requiring long-term nursing care remain on the rise. 

To accomplish the business vision of the cardiovascular domain, the Company 
will expand the target fields from monitoring cardiac dysfunction for the early 
detection, to the development of an upper-arm blood pressure monitor with 
built-in ECG technology, and the global launch of ECG analysis service. The 
Company also will expand business fields to include "the early detection and 
recurrence prevention of atrial fibrillation." As the life-style diseases are 
known to be risk factors of hypertension and atrial fibrillation, the Company 
will contribute to the development of new devices and services for early 
detection and improvements of these types of diseases. In addition, AI-based 
algorithm developments for establishing the framework of preventive care are 
being launched. 

On the global businesses, the Company will focus on the reinforcement of 
partnerships with doctors and medical institutions in mainland China, where the 
population with hypertension and respiratory disease is trending up, and 
improve the services fostering the relationship between patients and physicians 
via MMC Health Convenience Stores (*1). In India, the Company set up experience 
centers throughout the nation to provide Indian consumers a hands-on experience 
with OMRON products. It will further spread the benefits of home blood pressure 
monitoring in the country.

MMC Health Convenience Stores (*1): One-stop service for diabetic patients 
offering patients easy access to medical tests and checks. 

2. Respiratory business: Zero aggravation of respiratory diseases
Respiratory business will expand target diseases by adding COPD (*2) to the 
former asthma target. The number of patients suffering from respiratory disease 
is growing, mainly in emerging economies. As diagnostic criteria are not 
clearly quantified, clearly diagnostic decisions are difficult for physicians 
to make. The Company will be distributing devices to support treatments and 
diagnosis in emerging nations lacking fully established medical systems. And 
for general households, especially in developed countries, the Company will be 
promoting symptom control and care services to alleviate soaring medical 
expenditures to relieve the burden of patients and their families. 

COPD (*2): Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

3. Pain management: Zero restrictions on daily activities due to chronic pain
Within the pain management domain, the Company will focus on the development of 
devices incorporating new transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) 
technology, as well as providing an exercise therapy support service. The 
Company's aim here is to help more people lead their daily lives without 
worrying about pain.

The corporate mission of "To advance health and empower people worldwide to 
live life to the fullest" is the Company's desire that will remain unchanged 
now and in the future. To accomplish the new vision of "Going for ZERO, 
Preventive Care for the Health of Society," the Company aims to be 
indispensable within the chronic disease prevention and treatment fields, and 
then tries to challenge itself to provide society with solutions. 

- OMRON Healthcare's Long-term Vision SF2030 Video
It portrays the lives of people in society where "Going for ZERO" has been 

Video URL:



- OMRON Healthcare's Long-term Vision Special Page
On April 1, 2022, a special web page of "SF2030" was added to OMRON 
Healthcare's corporate website.

Source: OMRON Healthcare Co., Ltd.