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Thursday, June 30 2022 - 14:00
Employers now able to offer staff a touch of "LUXE" with MERCEDES ebikes
Sydney, June 30, 2022/Medianet-International-AsiaNet/--

Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team have collaborated with N+ to create a collection of 
streamlined, lightweight, sleek, high performance electric bikes and they have 
launched in the UK. 

Drawing upon knowledge from the top echelons of motorsports performance and 
electric advancements, the new collection presents one of the most 
sophisticated eBikes on the market. They have become they most sought after 
luxury item of 2022.

In the UK, the Green Commute Initiative is a simple salary sacrifice scheme 
whereby an employer can provide staff with an electric bike 'tax free', 
providing employees with a health conscious and environmental aware form of 
transportation. Now employers can offer staff a touch of "luxe" with the 
n+MercedesEQ eBike collection.

The employee obtains the bike of their choice 'tax and vat free', by saving on 
the PAYE and NI contributions. In addition, the company saves the national 
insurance (12 .8 %) on the reduced salary whilst providing its staff with an 
excellent benefit that provides an efficient and environmentally friendly form 
of transport.

The collection showcases 4 models, Formula E, Silver Arrows, Silver Arrows 
Sport and new high performance Championship Edition with varying features to 
cater to the ride's style. Some of these are three times more powerful than any 
standard eBikes on the market.

Styling across the range maintains iconic minimalistic Mercedes-Benz design, 
concealed batteries and motor, setting the range apart from the industry's 
standard of thicker framing and external batteries on show. 
The digital dashboard adds a level of technological sophistication, and along 
with all the usual data points (speedometer, battery indicator, range) includes 
a password activated security immobiliser, along with phone charging 

The range has been designed to create a powerful yet smooth ride, with 
centrally positioned motors for efficient weight distribution. The bikes are 
equipped with constantly variable technology to alleviate any "clunky" gear 
changes. This, paired with a carbon belt drive and powerful motor output, is 
the ultimate combination in creating silent "catch me if you can" speed. 

To secure an n+ Mercedes EQ eBike, head online to or via 
participating Mercedes Benz dealerships.

SOURCE: Mercedes 

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