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Thursday, July 07 2022 - 16:00
UNIPLAT by Unify Platform AG Announces Strategic Partnership with EUTECH to Spur Success of UN SDGs
YOKOHAMA, Japan, July 7, 2022 /Kyodo JBN-AsiaNet/ --

- UNIPLAT Becomes One of EUTECH's Only Six SDG Alliance Strategic Partners -

UNIPLAT, the world's first (*) online platform for researchers and 
entrepreneurs showcasing their research projects focused on the UN's 
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), officially announced a strategic 
partnership on July 7 with European Technology Chamber (EUTECH), a registered 
NGO that is bridging technologies, people, economics, societies, countries, and 
politics to bring prosperity to humanity. 
(*) Based on Google search results.


Both organizations share the same mission of working towards realizing the 
SDGs. Hence, the partnership and cooperation are focused on but not limited to 
programs, projects, academic exchanges, and events by the SDG Alliance.

The SDG Alliance is one of EUTECH's Alliances that enable European and 
international companies to become more competitive by empowering them with 
access to finance and resources that will allow them to achieve their growth 
objectives. By becoming one of the only six SDG Alliance strategic partners, 
UNIPLAT will receive exclusive access to the events, activities, and media 
publicity held by the SDG Alliance, creating more exposure and opening more 
opportunities for all UNIPLAT members.

"It is a great pleasure to witness the strategic partnership forged between 
UNIPLAT and EU Tech Chamber SDG Alliance. As we have always believed, 
collaboration is the key to addressing pressing challenges and unlocking new 
opportunities. I strongly believe that with our joint efforts, we can 
facilitate significant progress in the realization of the UN's SDGs. Looking 
forward to our journey together," said Florian von Tucher, the chairman of 

"It is a great honor for UNIPLAT to become a strategic partner of EUTECH, the 
EU's leading research and technology platform co-funded by the EU. For UNIPLAT 
members worldwide, EUTECH is the cornerstone of building a strong business 
network in Europe. Furthermore, we hope that UNIPLAT will be used as a venue 
for presentations on the global expansion of a lot of companies and 
institutions supported by EUTECH. We are very confident that this 
internationally impactful and extremely significant partnership will strongly 
support the resolution of the SDGs advocated by the United Nations," said 
Takahisa Karita, the co-founder, CFO, and COO of Unify Platform AG, the 
management company of UNIPLAT.



UNIPLAT is the world's first (*) online platform specialized for researchers 
and entrepreneurs from all over the world to share their ideas and research 
projects and gain support from individuals or institutions. Developed and 
managed by Unify Platform AG ( ) which is based in 
Switzerland, UNIPLAT's mission is to accelerate the success of the SDGs.
(*) Based on Google search results.
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EUTECH was founded as an NGO and non-profit organization to serve as a bridge 
between technologies, people, economics, societies, countries, and politics. 
EUTECH strongly believes that the challenges of the times can only be mastered 
with the help of technology. Global collaboration is the only instrument that 
can help solve international problems at all levels: economic, social, 
cultural, and humanitarian. The respect for human rights and the fundamental 
freedom of people without differentiation based on race, gender, or religion 
should be cultivated and strengthened.
EUTECH official website:

Source: Unify Platform AG